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For the standard version of the DSR-1,  a Tactical Silencer is available. The silencer is designed to be used with high power ammunition of the DSR 1 chamberings. This silencer very effectively suppresses the muzzle blast.  Naturally it cannot suppress the crack of a supersonic projectile, but the direction where the bullet comes from is effectively concealed.

The clip-on Tactical Silencer (Suppressor) is easily mounted in seconds on the muzzle brake using a quick release lever (See View 1 and  View 2 below).

DSR-1 Desert Camouflage with Suppressor

DSR 1 Tactical Silencer 1
DSR-1 Tactical Suppressor (view 1)
 DSR 1 Tactical Silencer
DSR-1 Tactical Silencer (view 2)

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