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Good Points: Great for night fishing. I can watch my float without looking at a glow in the dark addition to my float that messes up the way the float handles in the water. PLUS my eyes didn't hurt at the end of the night. I set it up on a tripod and it was hands free. 5 STARS

Bad Points: If I change the distance i was fishing from 10 meters to 40 meters i had to focus the front lenses BUT if i was honest it made it a joy to fish at night.

General comments: The NiteMax Digital Night Vision is an all round good bit of kit for night fishing.

....and from Henry ...Unbelievable resolution.  Easy to use.  This product is good, the image is produces is high resolution black and white, much better then the green blur my previous scope provided. Where has the NiteMax been all of my life, I purchased the RCA video adapter and it hooked right up to my computer, I use as a web cam when I am not out playing.
NiteMax is a Digital Night Vision Viewing System. Built with exclusive digital technology the NiteMax sees during the night as well as day without interruption of its operation. Unlike older night vision technology, NiteMax exceeds all expectations as it is a high tech, digital night vision system. The NiteMax Ultra offers the user high definition resolution in any lighting condition, even the darkest of nights. The exclusive illumination system is matched to the performance of the high quality sensor to allow for long distance night time viewing while always keeping your picture in clear view on the2.5" TFT-LCD monitor.
The (RCA) video out enables the user to tape the excursion on any video recording system such as camcorders and VCR’s. Powered by rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries this system exceeds all the performance specifications of standard night vision systems. The NiteMax has facilities to add-on optics for increased magnification and clarity. The NiteMax is unaffected by external light sources, unlike conventional night vision, thus giving the user trouble free use for years to come. Regardless of the application the NiteMax serves as a 24 hour personal viewing system, day/night personal security device or simply an add on device for your video recording needs. All in all the NiteMax is a first in digital night vision technology.
Exploration of Paranormal
Extract from out the lowest magnification possible because as paranormal investigators we tend to want to have as wide a field of vision as possible. One device we find particularly useful and use several of is known as the Night Max Digital Night Vision Viewer. This handy piece of equipment uses a bank of infra red l.e.d's to illuminate an area and the image captured is displayed on a 2.5" lcd screen on the rear of the unit. It negates the need to hold the device up to your eyes, its lens can be focused and the unit itself can be link to a Media storage device or Camcorder for recording.
Surveillance and/or sightseeing at night
All the footage was shot with the IR's of the NiteMax itself.
(Not even turned up to full blast because of the possible glare in the windscreen)
Le Zandre.  Belgium.

Night surveillance
NiteMax used in car with auxillary viewing screen

Driving at night
NiteMax shows scenery despite complete darkness

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