How to use the NiteMax

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The viewer is very simple to use

When you plug the charger in, the charging light will come on. Leave it charging until after this light has gone out.


  • Insert the battery.
  • Screw on the lens
  • Turn on the NiteMax using the on/off switch
  • Look into the viewer and press the top IR button until an image is seen
  • Aim the viewer at something in the middle distance and adjust the top LCD button until the object can be seen in the viewer.
  • Now adjust the focus by turning the front of the lens until it is clear.
  • Now you can do fine adjustments and can experiment with the balance of the left and right controls.

Remember that the controls on the right increase or decrease the infrared .

The gain button can be used for a temporary boost.

The LCD controls on the left adjust the brightness of the screen and the

Zoom button gives you digital zoom.

Unlike conventional “old fashioned” night vision, with this digital viewer you can safely have it turned on in daylight or in the presence of a bright light and it will not cause any damage to the viewer. With conventional night vision light can cause permanent damage to the tube.


  • A camcorder can be plugged into the blue socket
  • The NightMax can be used with other lenses that have a CS-mount or you can use a C-mount adapter and then use C-mount lenses e.g. 35mm camera lenses.
  • A “cigarette” socket adapter is available from us.


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