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Snipersystems Gun Light


price £166.66 (plus VAT where applicable)
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Globalrifle Gun Light kit
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Comparative sizes of both Shooting Lights
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Globalrifle Gun Light Kit
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Comparison of two Gun Lights made by Global Rifle

Snipersystems Shooting Light (click for link to see previous page)
600 lumens
279 g ((9 7/8 oz) including battery
7 inches long
Effective range viewing through scope "Eyes" 600 yards, Positive identification 350-400 yards
(less when red filter is fitted)

Globalrifle Shooting Light
500 lumens
179 g (6 3/8 oz) including battery
5 3.4 inches long
Effective range viewing through scope "Eyes" 450-500 yards. Positive identification 250-300 yards

(Less when red filter is fitted)
This is the younger brother to the top of the range Snipersystems Gun Light ( considered by many to be the best Shooting Light money can buy)
The Globalrifle Gun Light has been designed to be an affordable alternative for those who do not need to see quite so far.

  • Same excellent quality
  • Same brilliantly designed Q.D. mount
  • Same red filter system
  • Smaller and lighter
Product Review by Ray Charles Countryman's Weekly Nov 23 2011, page 25
Affordable gun light from Global Rifle
I CANNOT recall having seen so many gun

lights on the market than there are these

days. It brings a wry smile when I recall in

my youthful days strapping a rubber torch

to my gun barrels and going out at night

in search of a rabbit. Those days are long

gone and nowadays there is a wealth of

sophisticated kit that does everything one

could wish for.

Whilst the sportsman may be spoiled for

choice, the downside is that some of these kits

cost an arm and a leg. Hence I was delighted

to receive a new gun light from established

manufacturers Global Rifles, Leicestershire.

This one is well within the budget of the fox or

rabbit shooter.


This is really the younger brother of the top-ofthe-

range Snipersystems Gun Light which is

considered by many to be the best that money

can buy. It has been specifically designed as

an affordable alternative for those who do not

need to see or shoot at such long distances. It

is of identical excellent quality incorporating

the same robust QD mount and red filter.

It benefits from being smaller and lighter,

something which will appeal to many shooters.


This 500 lumens Globalrifle Gun Light weighs

just 179gm, including the battery, and is 5¾

inches in length. Ideally compact, it has an

effective scope viewing of 450-500 yards and

offers positive identification at between 250-

300 yards. The powerful beam is achieved by

mounting a top quality LED (light emitting

diode) deep into the robust aluminium body

of the torch along with a highly polished mirror

reflector and a crystal glass.

The standard on-off rubber switch on the

end of the torch is there to be used when the

light needs to be left on for a longer period

of time. If just a quick shine of the light is

required then there is a remote control switch

on the tail for this purpose. So long as this tail

switch is depressed then the light remains on.

The ‘pastry cutter’ bezel is designed to provide

sufficient light to read a map or similar without

alerting quarry species to one’s presence, a true

bonus when one is searching one’s pockets for

something or having dropped a live round in

the undergrowth.

The light’s power comes from a compact

rechargeable 3.7 volt, protected, 18650

battery. This lithium ion battery does not have

a memory so it will not lose power when

recharged, whether it is fully or partially

discharged, enabling it to be topped up from

the mains whenever convenient. The light on

the smart charger turns from red to green

when the battery is fully charged and prevents

it from overcharging. As with any rifle-mounted

optic, the mount is paramount to the gun

light’s performance.

Snipersystems’ QD mount, as already stated,

is suitable for many optic tubes on rifle or

shotgun. It is impervious to recoil and will not

scratch gun or torch. It has a large knob for

adjustment, either tightening or loosening,

and is easily fitted or removed in the dark, even

if you are wearing gloves.


For the testing of scopes or lights I am indebted

to the assistance and opinions of my good

friend, Colin Jones, a highly experienced rabbit

and fox controller. Colin is out and about

several nights each week, answering calls from

farmers who are experiencing problems with

either species. So, one wet and windy night,

with his Whippet eager for a meal of fresh

rabbit along with his pet hate of the
Dancing programme, he decided that this was

a perfect opportunity to test the kit.

It was soon apparent that the quick-detach

mount was also a quick-attach as within

seconds the light was fitted and aligned

with an illumination range of 50 yards. Colin

decided to fit the red filter in order to give the

light the sternest possible test.


Colin had been asked to control the rabbits

high up on the hills of a nearby farm. Upon

his arrival he was greeted by a gale force

wind and lashing, horizontal rain. Conditions

were not ideal for scopes or lights but superb

rabbiting weather. He decided to use the light,

usually fitted to the rifle for spotting and also

as a direct comparator, and it soon became

apparent that the Globalrifle Gun Light was

more than good enough for the job.

The tight beam of light from the single LED

offered more than enough illumination for

precise head shots at 50 yards, even when fitted

with the red filter. It performed excellently

through the torrential rain and within ten

minutes he had shot six rabbits. He praised

the efficiency of the light for enabling him to

bag his rabbits in such a short time for he was

already soaked and grateful for the chance to

return home earlier than planned.


This light offers virtually everything required

by the rabbit shooter and would be equally as

efficient without the filter over longer ranges

for fox control. It has an excellent focused

beam with options for filters, is lightweight,

comfortably fits on either a one-inch/30mm

diameter scope or gun barrel. It is also compact

and provides three hours of continuous use

on high beam. Colin’s only problem was that,

if left lying around, it had an uncanny knack

of finding its way into his teenage son’s car! If

you purchase one then you won’t be the only

person who finds a use for it!

All in all an excellent gun light which will

surely establish itself on the market and will be

around for many years to come. The Globalrifle

Gun Light, including torch, two on/off switches

(one tactical, one remote tail), red filter, lithium

ion rechargeable battery, Smart Charger and

Snipersystems QD bracket is priced at £200.

It is available from the manufacturers, Global

Rifles, Woodside Farm, Ashby Road, Stapleton,

Leicestershire LE9 8JE. Telephone: 01455

291100 or visit:

Price for Globalrifle Gun Light Kit, which includes torch, two on/off switches, (one tactical, one remote tail), red filter, lithium ion re-chargeable battery, Smart charger, Snipersystems Q.D. bracket
£166.66 (plus VAT unless shipped out of EEC)  

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