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LBW with interchangeable calibres


LBW - solid all-rounder

  • light weight
  • well-balanced
  • modular

Price  starting from £943 (plus VAT)

... be well-equipped always.


LBW - always well-equipped

The LBW model range is a light-weight, low-cost repeater (bolt action) rifle having a modular design for everyday use. All models have the option of changing the barrel / stock and locking mechanism / calibre, a direct trigger, an open sight and 3+1 magazine.

  • System - compact 3-lug locking mechanism, with barrel and calibre change
  • Barrel and calibre change - The barrel is changed using an Allen key, and the calibre group is changed with the locking bolt head, without using any tools
  • Stock change - LBW-D with latch, changeover between wooden, match or plastic stock
  • Trigger mechanism - Direct trigger, trigger set as an option
  • Magazine - Magazine insert, 3+1 or 2+1 rounds with Magnum calibre, spare magazine as an option with 5 or 4 rounds with Magnum
  • Sight - Open sight (LBW-S) and rear fibre optic sight (LBW-L, LBW-D)
  • Stock - Selected walnut, cross bolts, cedar wood butt, fish-scale checkering, rubber stock pad (LBW-L, LBW-D)
  • Safety - De-cocked system using the VOERE safety cocking system (manual cocking based on the ball-point pen principle) (LBW-L, LBW-D)
  • Barrel lenght - 60 cm (optional 55 cm), Magnum 65 cm
  • Total lenght - 113 cm
  • Weight - starting from 2,7 kg
  • Calibre - standard: .243/.270/.308 Win, 6,5x55, 7x57, 7x64, .30-06, 8x57JS, 9,3x62 spezial: .223Rem, 7mm Rem.Mag., .300Win.Mag., .375H&H
    All calibres have been designed using the LBW technology

The LBW range is available as:

  • Standard: LBW-S
  • Luxury: LBW-L selected stock wood material made of walnut with chequered fish-scale and precious wood butt, safety catch mechanism of Monte Carlo type.
  • Take Down: LBW-D the detachment of the complete stock from the system and the barrel without the need for any tools makes the Take Down a universal firearm. With the help of a latch at the forend, you can choose between different stock variants (hunting, stalking) made of selected wood types or plastic.
  • Carbon: LBW-C The carbon barrel makes the firearm up to 300 grams lighter, more stable and reduces the recoil. In addition, a muzzle brake is available as an option. The exclusive surface is robust and corrosion-proof.  Please see section on carbon at bottom of page 
  • Those who are in pursuit of an all-rounder, are best advised to opt for the LBW.
    The principle of minimum is applicable here: "minimum baggage with maximum options" - on hunting jaunts, at the shooting range or in the local territory.

    LBW Standard
    LBW Luxury
    Take Down with plastic stock


LBW Standard
Modular, with excellent price-performance ratio
LBW Luxury
Features in addition to those in the Standard: Manual cocking, high-quality stock with detachable sling swivel
LBW TakeDownFeatures in addition to those in the Standard and Luxury: Stock change with latching mechanism, robust case, pre-mounted scope holder (base), manual cocking system
LBW Carbon
Aditional features:
Carbon barrel for hunting or varmint - only plastic available with varmint


SystemRepeater with barrel and calibre change, robust 3-lug locking mechanism, and only 60 degree opening angle
SafetySide lock (LBW-S) and manual cocking (LBW-L, LBW-D)
BarrelSteel, carbon as an option and varmint as another option
Trigger mechanism
Direct trigger or trigger set as an option
SightBeam sight, butterfly sight, optional: precision quick-change mount, weaver rail or battue rib
Magazine2-row magazine insert with 3 cartridges or 2 for Magnum calibre, optional: 5 cartridges or 4 for Magnum
StockLBW-S: Selected walnut oiled with crossway, Monte Carlo cheek piece, over-moulded, pistol grip, fish-scale chequered, sling swivel, slip-proof rubber recoil pad
LBW-L, LBW-D: Walnut, luxury, oiled, Monte Carlo effect, chequered fish-scale surrounded by light ornaments, Bavarian cheek piece, sling swivel
Optionally: plastic stock
Optional special fitting LBW-U(pgrade stock): 
Upgrade stockSelected walnut, oiled, Monte Carlo effect, Bavarian cheek piece, Scottish fish-scale chequered, pistol grip and precious wood butts

Size and Weight

Weight starting from 2.7 kg
Barrel length 60 cm, optional 55 cm, 65 cm
Total length approx. 113 cm

Calibre availability LBW

Mini (MI)
Standard (ST)
Standard II (ST)
Medium (ME)
Magnum (MG)
Ultramagnum (UM)
.222 Rem.
6,5x55.22-2506,5x63 Messner Mag7mm Rem. Mag..338 Lapua Mag.
.223 Rem.6,5x57 6,5x687mm WSM.338 L.M. no changing possible!
When changing from all other calibres (ST, ME, MG) to mini, a new locking bolt head is required!7x57 8x68 S.270 WSM 
 7x64  .300 Win. Mag 
 8x57IS  .300 Wby. Mag 
 9,3x62  .300 WSM 
 .243 Win.  .338.Win. 
 .308 Win.  .375 H&H 
 .270 Win.    

*You cannot change from the .338 Lapua Magnum calibre to other calibres.

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The model LBW is a light rifle in modular construction with easy caliber and barrel changing facility. Available is most calibres, and in a variety of finishes.

  • High quality engineering
  • Accurate
  • Durable
  • Very reasonably priced Edit Text

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Carbon - innovative high-tech material for stocks and barrels.

We manufacture moulds for stocks and barrels. Using these, we manufacture innovative products with improved properties using fibre-reinforced materials.

The carbon barrel is available in a hunting contour and also in a varmint contour.


  • Lighter than steel barrels, e.g. a steel barrel having a 60 cm length in the hunting contour weighs about 1,350 gm. Compared to this, a carbon barrel with the same contour without the muzzle brake weighs around 930 gm, i.e. almost half a kilo lighter.
  • Greater stability, since carbon is more rigid than steel.
  • Greater recoil damping owing to the natural material damping of carbon and on account of the muzzle brake.
  • Matt-finish, black and modern surface.
  • No rust formation and barely any corrosion.
  • Insensitive and robust surface.
  • Compared to stainless steel there is no hardening of the edges or peeling by heat treatment, such as nitriding.
  • The barrel length: is 60 cm.
  • Calibre variation: basically, that of the respective model.
  • Maximum possible calibre at present: .375 H&H.

Available at present for the following models:

  • 2155 (K98)
  • LBW

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