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Bolt Action Rifle 2155

2155 freigestellt

Bolt action rifle 2155 – the classic solid Rifle.


The design and features of the 2155 are attractive, being based on the K98 action that has proven many millions of times over.

Weight / Length (Barrel/in Total) from 3,2 kg,  7lbs, 600 mm / 24" or 650 mm / 26", 1130 or 1180 mm
Stock Walnut oiled, German cheek piece, fine chequering, hog back, Tropfnasenabschluss or optional Syntethic stock.
Barrel Free Floating Carbon Steel barrel
Sight / Scope mount Open sights / pre-drilled and taped for scope mount
Calibre see technology
Safety / Magazine / Trigger Original M98 3-position safety (optional Win 70 style safety )/ Aluminium hinged floorplate box Magazine (optionally 2-3 round magazine) / Two-stage trigger (others on option)

Those seeking reliability in classic design at a good price, are best advised to opt for the VOERE 2155.


2155 Kunststoffschaft freigestellt

For further details call Global Rifle on 01455 291100